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File extension PRN is used to provide information to the printer about file to be printed or simply called Windows Printer File. This file extension can be created once "print to file" option is selected while printing. It allows printing of the same file from other computers aside from the original source. These files can be open and printed on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Files with this extension can be printed without installing the application used in creating the file to be printed. It is not necessary to view the file to be printed since the software application supporting it is not installed. PRN files can be viewed on some text editors, but may include characters unrecognized by the user. These characters are used by the printer to indicate some settings of the file.

Printer files can either be printer through USB connection or parallel connection. For printing PRN files from Windows command line, similar command should be typed. "COPY /B [filename.prn] \\[Computer Name]\[Shared Printer Name]", this allows the PRN file to be printed through USB connection. While "COPY /B [filename.prn] LPT1:" is for parallel connection.

Applications that can open these files include AllWeb FastPrint, Free Raw Print, the Windows command line, and other printer software capable of viewing PRN files for both Mac and Windows.

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